The act of discussing your HIV/STD status with your partner(s) can be a difficult task. Many people fear the rejection that can come with disclosing one’s HIV/STD status as well as the judgments and stereotypes that come along with an HIV/STD diagnosis. While difficult, disclosing your HIV/STD status to your current or future partners can ensure that both of you can make informed decisions concerning your relationship.

HIV/STD disclosure can be easier if you arm yourself with the right tools and know the right things to say at the right time. You can choose a direct approach to disclosing your status by simply sharing your HIV/STD test results, telling others or including it in a personal ad or social networking profile.  Others favor a more indirect approach to disclosure which can include leaving HIV/STD medications where they are visible or by using internet notification sites like (this website lets users send anonymous emails to their sex/drug partners, to notify them of disease exposure).  It is important to choose the method that will work best for you.  Despite many of the perceived drawbacks of disclosing your HIV/STD status, it can also be beneficial. Disclosure can make you feel good about yourself, gain the respect of your partner, open more dialogue between you and your partner, maintain you and your partner’s health, and help to make the community healthier.

For help disclosing your status, click here.