Another way to practice safer sex is to only have sex play that has no risk—or a lower risk—of  passing STDs. This means no anal or vaginal intercourse. Many of us find that great sex is about a lot more than a penis going in an anus or vagina. It is about exploring the many other ways you and your partner can turn each other on. Not only is it a way to discover new sexual pleasures, it’s also safer.

No-risk safer sex play includes:

  • masturbation
  • mutual masturbation
  • cybersex
  • phone sex
  • sharing fantasies

Low-risk safer sex play includes:

  • kissing
  • fondling — manual stimulation of one another
  • body-to-body rubbing — frottage, “grinding,” or “dry humping”
  • oral sex (even safer with a condom or other barrier)
  • playing with sex toys — alone or with a partner

The highest risk kinds of sex play are:

  • anal intercourse
  • vaginal intercourse


Adapted from Planned Parenthood’s Safer Sex section: